1.       From your Vendor Dashboard, go to the Designs tab to upload the required design.

2.       Select Add New Design.

Example of the Designs Page

3.       Enter the name and choose the file to be uploaded then hit Save Design when completed.

Example of the add new Design Page

4.       Now go to the Products tab and select Add New Product.

Example of the Product Page

5.       Enter the Product Name, the Price, Select the Category then select Create Product.

Example of the Add New Product Page

6.       Once directed to the Edit Product page, change the Product Type from ‘Simple” to ‘Variable’.

Example of the Edit Product Page

7.       Scroll down to Attribute. Here you will Select Color and Size variations with the Add Attribute button. Once completed with both sizing and colors press the Save Attribute button.

Example of Adding Custom Attributes on Edit Product Page
Example of Added Custom Attributes on Edit Product Page

N.B. Ensure “Visible on the product page” and “Used for variations” are both checked on each attribute before saving.

8.       Next, scroll to Custom Design and click Select Product Base

Example of Select product Base on the Edit Product Page

9.       Deselect the “Allow Customize” option.

Example of Customization on the Edit Product Page

10.   Next, press the Select Template button to add your design to Product.

Example of Select Template on Edit Product Page

11.   Once design is selected, adjust size and placement of the design on the product and press Save Product when completed.

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